How to promote your Vacation Rental outside Airbnb

Share this post: FacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsAppEmailShare Sure, you can rely on a steady stream of bookings by optimizing your Airbnb listing and displaying your home from its best side with stunning photography, but if you want to reach a wider audience, it pays to look beyond the Airbnb platform. Just like a hotel, there are various ways to promote yourContinue reading “How to promote your Vacation Rental outside Airbnb”

Roti simit dan Teh turki

  Tiba saja saya di Istanbul . Saya nampak roti simit di tepi jalan .Mereka jual 1 TL satu . Paling sedap bila makan panas- panas. Saya cicah simit ke dalam teh .Orang turki agak pelik sebab saya cicah dengan teh . “Cicah dengan teh ini lah sedap ” Roti simit berbijan ini  banyak dijualContinue reading “Roti simit dan Teh turki”

Istanbul Serviced Aparment

holiday and enjoy

My Life Living In istanbul , Turkey

I am malaysian, married to turkish guy and live in istanbul , Turkey

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