Sarapan turki boleh je

kahvalti turki

Sebagai bangsa melayu sudah tentu kita rasa nak makan nasi lemak , roti canai dan sebagainya yang bersangkutan dengan sarapan orang malaysia . sekali sekala tukar selera sarapan turki pun boleh juga .

Sebelah kanan dibawah  yang dalam gambar diatas ialah ” menemem” iaitu omelette style turkey .

Bahan asasnya tomato yang dicincang hancur atau boleh terus blender 2-3 biji tomato segar.

selepas itu , potong cili atau bawang hiris halus ( ikut selera masing – masing ) .

beberapa minit selepas itu , pecahkan 2-3 biji telur . jangan masak terlalu lama . buat macam separuh masak .

garam jangan lupa . sewaktu makan boleh tmbah blackpepper kalau suka . boleh dimakan bersama roti tawar .

Teh pulak , saya buat light tea, tak pekat macam yang orang turki suka . kita boleh request jika tak nak pekat sangat.

kalau nak minum teh di kedai turki , boleh sebut ” acik cay ” bermaksud light tea. jadi tak lah pahit pekat sampai kena letak  3-4 ketul gula .

minum teh dalam cawan kecil supaya tak begitu panas dan cepat sikit suam . Tapi jenuh lah nak kena tambah 2-3 kali sebab sikit sangat  dan gelas pun kecik sangat .

Salad asas seperti hirisan tomato dan timun sudah cukup dan simple . tapi dalam gambar diatas tak ada salah asas itu . kami tak minta . fikir dah ada tomato dalam menemen tadi .

biasanya set sarapan turki mesti ada salad, buah zaitun , keju dan jem buah .tapi kami tak makan macam tu , jadi tak minta set basic itu .


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istanbul, Turkey



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Istanbul sesi 1


Turkey ini ada 2 benua .  .di tanah europe bukan saja istanbul ya . Ada kota edirne tekirdag dan kirklareli   .

Perjalanan dari Istanbul – Edirne  dalam 3 jam  menaiki kereta atau bas express . 

Kalau dah repeat istanbul , pergi lah day trip ke edirne pulak atau jln2 cari makan di istanbul sebelah asia contohnya naik ferry ke kadikoy atau uskudar .

Kita boleh buat sarapan di istanbul eropah dan  tengah hari berada di istanbul sebelah asia pulak . boleh pilih sama ada ke uskudar atau kadikoy .

jika nak rasa angin bosporus ,boleh naik ferry dari Eminonu . 20 minit dah sampai 

Jika nak cepat   , boleh naik marmaray  2-3 minit dah sampai  . contohnya stesen marmaray di sirkeci . 

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How to promote your Vacation Rental outside Airbnb

Sure, you can rely on a steady stream of bookings by optimizing your Airbnb listing and displaying your home from its best side with stunning photography, but if you want to reach a wider audience, it pays to look beyond the Airbnb platform. Just like a hotel, there are various ways to promote your listing outside of Airbnb.

Going social

Facebook and Instagram are the heroes in the lifestyle space when promoting your Airbnb listing quickly and effectively. Why? Likes and comments can put your property in the spotlight, and fast.

Just how do you benefit from having your listing represented on social media? For a start, by having an online presence on these platforms and using the right hashtags and location tags, you can get your listing in front of people that are travel planning. Giving potential guests an impression of the property will persuade them to check it out on Airbnb.

By inviting your guests to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your social media pages, you are more likely to build a positive connection with them. Staying in touch regularly with guests and dealing with queries efficiently through your Facebook and Instagram page also increases the chance of repeat bookings.

By having a social media presence, you get your listing in front of people planning their travelsCLICK TO TWEET

Content: what to share

What makes interesting reading? In the lifestyle space there are so many types of content you can share.

Start with your listing, you can share beautiful pictures of the interiors, each room in detail and just overall features. This can then blend into a neighborhood guide and you can add a guide to the area and photos of local places you love. Again, it doesn’t just have to be pictorial, it’s good to have some written content too, be it a short blurb or a blog on the area. If doing a local guide, make sure to hand-pick some authentic places as guests are looking for the real experience.

Also, testimonials don’t hurt, if you have some, make sure they are visible to potential guests – the more the merrier!

Facebook is the way forward

Social media needs to be streamlined and effective when promoting your Airbnb listing, it’s an essential part of marketing your property and should not be overlooked. Facebook has a huge potential reach and so smart hosts should have a separate Facebook page (not a profile!) for their listing and promote to friends, family and the general public.

For lifestyle, Facebook still has a strong footing when making content reach the masses, people go on to plan their leisure pursuits and see what’s new in the travel world, so this should be maxed out. Provide striking photos and snappy, factual content about the listing and never forget to write a brilliant headline, like we mentioned in our previous posts.


Reportedly, Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users, and it’s easy to take advantage of that. Facebook and Instagram may go hand-in-hand but Instagram definitely takes the lead for marketing homes with beautiful photos of them. The power of home and lifestyle photography can be startling, with people dreaming of their next inspirational getaway. If your listing is design-led, even better, get Instagramming and sharing, just think of it like the digital pages of Vogue Living.

By using the right hashtags, you stand a chance to be noticed by bigger accounts and publications. If you consistently post high-quality engaging content, chances of being ‘reposted’ are high, putting your listing in front of a huge audience. Make sure you tag your posts with #airbnb, too, as the official Airbnb account (with over 2 million followers) regularly shares their favorite posts.


Get a blogger or journalist on board

Engaging bloggers and journalists is another story, and can be tricky, but is one channel that should be considered when you’re creating your marketing plan. Lifestyle bloggers with their hefty amount of Instagram followers – often in the hundreds of thousands- are ripe for promoting your property and a review from a reputable journalist is worth its weight in gold, that’s if you can engage with them.

Talking of bloggers, if you really want to get exposure for your Airbnb listing, try to engage a blogger or journalist and ask them to stay at your place (for free, of course) so they post about it, or do a review.

It’s best to contact them directly and find out if they are interested first. This is perhaps the most effective way to get it out there and attract the right audience. People read reviews from reputable sources and are usually persuaded to book places that have their seal of approval. The only problem is you may have after this kind of exposure is the slew of inquiries coming in about your listing.

When working with bloggers it’s important to note that the exposure you often get is worth more than a paid booking. If the reach is high enough and the bloggers are part of your niche, it often results in lots more bookings. Just be careful that you get an agreement from them that they will link to your listing on Airbnb – so you get tangible results.

What other ways do you use to promote your vacation rental outside of Airbnb?


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penghujung summer dan permulaan autum – medan sultan ahmet

Hari ni saya bersama kak rozi yang bawa kawanya ke Sultan Ahmet . Jadi saya ikut sekali untuk cuci mata sekali sekala . Kami menaiki tramay dari stesen findikzade terus ke Sultan Ahmet .
Setelah sampai di sultan ahmet , kami terus menuju ke Topkapi palace ( Topkapi sarayi ). hanya 3 minit jalan dari station sultan ahmet .

Sambil menuju ke Topkapi itu kami ambil gambar di sekitar medan sultan ahmet .
Saya dan kak rozi tak masuk Topkapi . hanya kawan dia saja yang masuk . kami duduk – duduk di taman topkapi saja sambil menikmati teh dan kopi .

Cuaca waktu siang ni tidak sejuk dan tidak panas . Biasalah perubahan suhu pun tidak ganggu aktiviti luaran orang di sini . tapi harus pakai pakaian tebal sedikit supaya tak sakit .



Turki dan teh – çay ister misiniz?

çay ister misiniz ? – Kamu nak teh ke ?. Ayat ini salah satu ayat pertanyaan yng sering digunakan .

Ada juga tanya “cay ister misin ?”

Minum teh menjadi salah satu aktiviti harian dan budaya yang tidak boleh dipisahan dengan orang turki . Saya juga sudah terbiasa dengan budaya minum teh ni semenjak menetap di Turki .

Setiap hari di mana- mana saja pasti minum teh . Menyambut tetamu juga permulaanya diberikan minum teh . Teh bagaikan untuk memulakan hari juga . Setiap pagi pasti teh . Mereka lebih cenderung minum teh biasa . Bukan Teh epal atau teh herba . Teh yang diminum mereka setiap hari sangat pekat . Jarang sekali dengar orang turki yang minta teh kurang pekat . Mereka minum panas- panas dengan gelas kecil yang unik .

Sekali minum teh pasti 2-3 kali ulang .

Saya suka “acık çay ” bermaksud teh tidak pekat .

Sebelum teh , dulu  orang turki minum kopi . Tapi kopi susah ditanam dan harga meningkat . Jadi teh menjadi pilihan . Teh banyak ditanam di Rize dan Trabzon . Wilayah utara turki .

cay turki



Spring sudah masuk

Asalamualaikum semua yang buka blog ini .

Musim bunga sudah masuk sepenuhnya . Biasanya mac  masa pertukaran waktu / musim jadi cuaca akan menjadi tidak panas dan tidak begitu sejuk . Masa bulan april pun begitu . Jadi cuaca tidak menentu.

hari minggu lepas , kami ke kawasan kampung tapi masih  di dalam Istanbul . Dalam 30 minit dari Fatih sekiranya tidak ada trafik.

Singgah di  Summer House  minum teh dan jalan di sekeliling .  Selepas  itu , kami  pergi ke arah lain yang berdekatan . Banyak bunga liar yang tumbuh di bukit dan padang .seperti papayta dan kanola .


kanola 2
Soguksu , Istaanbul bahagian eropah 


kanola 1



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